All events can be ridden Solo or as part of a Team . Rider hand-offs will be explained during riders meeting at 5:30 Saturday morning and at Rider sign-in  Friday Night. This is a non-drafting event. Riders will be given credit for the last mile marker past before allotted time expires. 

All local laws and rules of the road are to be followed at all times. Full stops at red lights and stop signs . No hand offs allowed from moving support vehicles. All support vehicles must be safely off the road when stopped. The safety of our riders and crews are our first priority. Red steady tail light and a second blinking light mandatory, along with a working head light . A reflective vest and reflective wheels 1/2 hr before dark. All bikes and gear will be inspected including helmets.

2 & 4 Person Relay Teams 

Relay style racing has become quite popular in ultra endurance events. The Race Across America is exploding with relay teams, which is reducing the barriers to entry for many potential competitors.

Relay team racing could be a means to do a final team shakedown prior to racing RAAM,  a means to have an intense competitive experience with your racing team, or a way to introduce your weekend warrior friends to an ultra event in a non-threatening way.

We allow racer exchanges at designated checkpoints only. 
This requires 25 mile shifts for at least the first 100 miles, and 7 mile shifts thereafter.